Meet Anna: Surfing while studying...

“One of the reason why I came to Lisbon was the proximity to the ocean and thus the possibility to go surfing. I went surfing before, but I never had the chance to actually learn it. Studying at a university right next to the ocean, this obviously had to change. From the beginning onwards I therefore participated in a few surf classes in Carcavelos and Caparica. As I especially enjoy going surfing with friends I started a Whatsapp group and organised some surf classes for bigger groups. I also recently joined the Nova Surf Club, where we are also organising surf lessons. So if you are interested in going surfing either in Carcavelos or Caparica you can text me if you want!” - Anna Düttmann, CEMS Student (NOVA SBE)

Meet Max: Yellow, The Colour

“Music has always been a big part of my life. I started playing the piano when I was five and learned how to play the drums a few years later. But I was never satisfied just copying what other people wrote - I really wanted to create my own music. So at the age of 13 I finally decided to learn more about song writing and music production and I have been obsessed ever since. For a long time, I only produced for other people - writing film scores, recording my bands and making Hip Hop beats, among other things. This summer, I eventually decided to start my first solo project: Yellow, The Colour. I spent two months in Berlin and tried to blend the unique air of the city with all the different influences that shaped my taste in music over the years in order to create my very own style. My first EP “A Summer In Berlin” was recently released on all major music platforms and I am excited to see where it goes from here.

Finding enough time to make music in between my studies and my social life is definitely not easy. But in the end, you have to take the time to do things that matter the most to you - and I am determined to release another one or two albums over the next two years while doing the CEMS program. Having gained some experience in strategy consulting, I can imagine eventually working at a company like Spotify that is shaping the future of the music industry. That way, I could use the knowledge I gained at NOVA and combine it with my experience creating and publishing my own music.”

You can listen to “A Summer in Berlin” by Yellow, The Colour on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer & co. or buy it on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and many more.

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Yellow, the Colour

Yellow, the Colour

Meet Beatrice: About the CEMS Spirit…

Have you ever thought of your life in terms of a puzzle?

On your way you collect a lot of pieces, but it is difficult to place them in the right place. You start to create a plan, to guess how the final picture could be, but most of the times your journey surprises you with choices whose shape you could not predict. So you start again to organize your puzzle, telling yourself that this time you know what you are doing, but you end up putting all the pieces in the box again hoping for a sign from heaven.

This is the fascinating challenge of our generation: we start our bachelor following our passion, in the meantime we try to join as many volunteer or extracurricular projects as possible to enrich our personal growth, we do the Erasmus program and it changes the way we see the world. Then we graduate and we start our first professional internships in companies, start-ups or NGOs, and carried by the enthusiasm of our age we start looking at the Masters that matches our dreams and expectations. It is exactly in this moment that you start to  ask yourself some questions:  What is my dream job? Where do I want to build my life? How can I connect the dots of all my experiences? When I was asked to write about my personal experience in CEMS so far, I started thinking about what was the most meaningful impact that this choice had in my life. Being in the first year of this Master means having an early-bird eye view on the program, full of enthusiastic curiosity about how this adventure is going to be. I looked around at my colleagues, and realized how brilliant and unique all the members of CEMS are. What surprised me the most, was the variety of different backgrounds, culture, experiences and mindsets of the people in the program. So I asked myself what was the fil rouge that brought all of us here, and I found my answer in the puzzle: one piece at a time, CEMS makes you work in progress right up to the last piece. Let’s take a step back. Two years ago, when I first heard about the program, I was genuinely convinced that I would never be able to be part of the network of this outstanding international students. Every time I met a Cemsie, I started to ask a lot of questions about their academic achievements until I asked the most important one: “Do you have any advice on how to make through the selection process?” And the answer was always the same “Just be yourself ”. So, I tried. I wrote my motivational letter highlighting my strengths and stating how this program could change my life, and choosing every word filtering its meaning with my personality. I started to think about what I gained from every experience I made and how this can be projected in the future: the first phase of organizing my puzzle. After that, I prepared my Curriculum Vitae for my application, and I was surprised by how the big picture of my path could fit so coherently with the purpose of the program. Lastly, I prepared  myself for the interviews. I read all the information about CEMS, I learned by heart the corporate and social partners, I prepared my speech about why I wanted to go in that specific destination and why I wanted to study in Lisbon. At the end, the fact that I could discuss about the linguistic similarities between Portuguese and Italian counted more than any other GPA. This was the second phase of organizing my puzzle: CEMS perfectly reflected my personality. It is not about how good your grades are or how many professional references letters you have. Instead, it is about accepting the responsibility of being an ambassador of the values and goals that it promotes. Finally I arrived at NOVA and my journey started for real. One of the first decisions I took was to apply for the Cems Club. I was, and I am, totally convinced that being in Cems means being an active part of this community and having an active role in helping to build it. Undoubtedly, I choose to apply for the Marketing and Communications Department and to be responsible for the contents of the website. According to each person’s personal attitude and passions, all of my friends decided for which team of the Cems Club they wanted to apply: Corporate Relations Team, Social Events team or to be the Treasurer or a Team Leader. This was another exercise to realize how to manage our pieces in accordance to our skills: this article itself is, for me, a step to forecast my final big picture. The same applies to all the Cemsies that are experiencing networking events, team games, volunteer activities, or even crazy running cocktails organized by the Cems Club. In the meantime all of us are thinking about where to go next year, trying to match our chances with our dreams. What I learned so far is that in the beginning, the pieces are an incoherent and a jumbled mess. Step by step, challenging yourself is the only way to find the leitmotiv that drives your journey. We do not even know how many pieces there are, and we don’t find the boundaries and the corner pieces until we own all of them. Mine has a couple missing pieces at the moment, and somehow I know that Cems is going to jump in to help real soon to find the missing ones. 

This is the most meaningful impact that the choice of Cems had in my life. The secret to take the  most out of it, is to be an active part of the community and  to leave a little piece of your personality in it. This sounds exciting, doesn’t  it?

Beatrice Corazza

Meet Nils and Jaume

In light of the many nominations Jaume received regarding the CEMS Oscars' GALA I believed it was the right time to interview him. And along with Jaume comes Nils. The two of them would not be what they are today without each other. Let's find out together some curious insights about this amazing team. 
(Many statements that were made and stories that were told were assessed not to be adequate for the content and purpose of this website. Please feel free to approach Nils and Jaume if you want to find out more about what was omitted during the interview. Otherwise, if you are a net-worthy individual, contact me and I'll pass you any information you'll need after some fair negotiation rounds).


When I met for this interview with Jaume and Nils they were very excited discussing about the potential of winning several awards at the CEMS Oscar Gala. 

Jaume: 'Come on Nils you start replying to the questions, you have to do some practice as you are gonna be on Forbes' magazine cover very soon'
Nils: 'What?Nononono I am against this! I actually voted against myself: I voted 'everyone but Nils' '
J: ' But you can't vote that Nils!' 

A Spanish and an Italian from Stockholm move to Lisbon and start a flat-sharing experience...It could be a perfect start for a joke. Would you describe this experience as a joke?
J: : 'Well actually we would miss a Chinese to make it a perfect joke...'
N: ' But the end of our joke is that...we'll eventually go back to Stockholm'
Will you be flatmates in Stockholm as well?
J: ' Nils does not want to. I asked him but he does not want to live with me next semester! It's a shame I am gonna miss this guy. Before we did not know each other so it was a great surprise.'

I am thinking about very famous duos of history, movies, literature...Mentioning a few of them...
N' like Hitler and Mussolini?'
Yeah kind of...or Lenin and Stalin
J' Nonononono they killed each other this is not  good duo! And actually Trotsky was too much involved. We don't have a third party interfering with us. Do you know that Trotsky was killed by a Catalan?Ah, Catalans matter! But I would say Barack Obama and Joe Biden. I would be Joe Biden, because you know, I always had this complex about being black...'
N: 'Actually I think that I could be a better Joe Biden. I am taller than you, I have a lighter skin than you, and I take a lot of care of my hair, you know? Joe Biden could have been a model and I also could have been one! Jaume you could just go to the sun and would be a perfect Obama.'

How would you describe 'A day in the life of Jaume and Nils'?
J: 'I wake up, I go surfing or I go for a run. I take a shower and I go laying in my bed and have a nap. Only then Nils wakes up and we go to class, or we have lunch together. At night we have dinner together and we end up having deep intense conversations'
N: 'But we don't have the same concept of lunch and dinner. My lunch is his breakfast. And my dinner is his breakfast of the day afterwards. But the main important thing that we want to suggest is that we have very deep conversations even though people might not believe it because at school we look like two very funny people. We are instead interested in the world's most alarming issues'

Where do you see each other in 20 years - as a duo?
J: ' Well I just wanna be a free rider my whole life. I'll clean the dishes, do grocery shopping, provide for the booz. After every great man there is a great woman, you know the saying right? I'll be Nils woman. Even though he takes 45 minutes to get ready before going out. And he also wakes up extremely late during the day. You once actually woke up at 5 pm'

What do you like about Lisbon in comparison to Stockholm?
N: ' Well Lisbon is warmer. And you can chill outside at any point of the seasons which is great'
J: ' And also the can go out ofter during the week. And the girls are great! I was disappointed by Swedish girls: after they turn 25, they all blow up!'
N: 'Yeah Valentina so you actually stand a chance, maybe you could still reach 1.90m! You should just move to Sweden!'

What would you steal from each other? Nils what do you lack when comparing yourself to Jaume? and vice versa?  
N: 'Jaume's tan'
J: '...You mean besides his money?'
N: 'Well but I have no money yet'
Well let's say then the NPV of his money
J: 'Yeah absolutely this for sure. But to be honest, Nils' curiosity: when he has not enough insights about something he just spends X hours doing research. So then he has data-backed arguments so he always brings a lot of input into discussions. Then, his ability to focus. Which I clearly don't have (looking on his phone)'
Ok Nils try to be nice and give me some more about Jaume
N' Well, Jaume is very positive. He can always come up with positive things even if you are a bit down and he really helps you out'

Would you recommend Stockholm Y1s to come to Lisbon for their CEMS Exchange?
N: 'Absolutely yes. If you wanna have a cool experience. However, the only thing that is comparable to Stockholm here in Lisbon, and this please should stay off the records, is that there are too many Germans!' 
J: 'It's the perfect place. Especially if you have the opportunity to explore Lisbon's surroundings. If I could find a good job I would not mind staying here. In Stockholm I did not mind about CEMS events, but now I feel very integrated and active in the CEMS Community' 
So you guys would not define yourselves as 'CEMSational'?
J: 'Well no, but however we have a lot of CEMS-esteem...would you say we are CEMSational? But jokes aside, it's a very great opportunity to meet people from all around the world. And it's dope! What is different from Stockholm is that there they don't talk enough about me. I would institutionalise a Jaume day, you know?
N: ' The Block Seminar alone would be a good enough reason to spend the term abroad at Nova SBE. Block Seminars was great we had the opportunity to bond a lot. We came here to have fun but actually I am glad to say that besides the fun, we really made some great friends' 

In light of the upcoming CEMS Oscar Gala, it seems clear you will win many awards. Who do you dedicate your success to?
' I dedicate my success to Carolina and Vera. I know its a love-hate relationship. Not for me, I love them, but I am not sure if they love me as well this much. But then I dedicate it to myself. I did achieve this all by my self after all.'
N: 'Maybe you should also thank your mother and your father for this achievement?'
J: 'Nananananan I was here in Lisbon working hard to achieve this, not her!'

J: 'Who do you think is the most handsome and CEMS-ational among the two of us?'
N: ' Yeah tell us, who would you choose between Jaume and I?'


I interviewed Jaume and Nils one week ago. I am still thinking about the answer. 







Meet Kimberly

You might have seen her wandering through Nova's corridors, or, even better, throwing to your face her honest and frank feedback about your shitty part if you have worked together in a same group. The only filters she uses are not when expressing her opinions but when posting pictures on Instagram about the many spots she discovers in Lisbon. This week we go Dutch with Kimberly - Kim, exchange student from Rotterdam School of Management. 

So Kim what is your favourite activity among surfing in Costa da Caparica, free riding in group projects or drinking at Urban Beach?
Well let's be honest, I am not a huge fan of Urban Beach. I am proud to say I have not been there since more than a month now. When it comes to free riding...I'd just rather ride on my surf board!

What would be 'A day in the life of Kimberly'?
I wake up early and I head to the ocean with Anvar. We catch some waves and then we have lunch and beers at the beach. Then I would come back home, get rid of the sand and go to class....maaaaaaybe, or to some team meeting. Then I would come back home, cook with my flatmates and go out after some glasses of vinho tinto and finish the night dancing. 

What do you miss the most from the Netherlands - the sun, the food or the people?
What is the sun? I miss my bike a lot. I know it might sound silly and cliché, but I really miss my bike and the flexibility that comes with it. I hate to rely on trams, the metro, buses or Ubers. But I guess that using it here would be a bit of a struggle.

What about food?
Dutch food? Nonononono...I love Lisbon because the food is so great and cheap at the same time. I can afford going out 2-3 times per week for dinner while in the Netherlands I mostly cook at home.

What is your favourite dish? 
Grilled fish...or pastel de nata...and the sangria as well actually...I really could not decide.

What was your best moment so far?
The surf camp, it was a cool bunch of fun people spending some days together and I improved my surfing skills. By the way I am still waiting for the pictures - Francisco or Federico, in case you'll read this, where can I find them?

How many Joaos did you hook up with?
So far zero...but I know at least 20 of them so I guess I'd know where to go in case I'll need one eventually.

Something you would take home to Rotterdam since you don't seem interested in the Joaos?
Cheap alcohol and cheap coffee. It's so cool to live price awareness-free and have access to this students' paradise of cheap alcohol and cheap coffee, fulfilling my life necessities and primary insticts.

Kim would you say that extremely smart and capable people- just like you- as well do find difficulties and obstacles studying at Nova SBE? What are the main differences with RSM?
Well, at RSM we just focus on the final exam. So having to come to university everyday is something I am not used to. It takes a lot of time away. After all I am here for my exchange (my grades don't count indeed) and sometimes it's hard to find the right balance between being a responsible team member and an exchange student.

How did you deal with your Dutch directness during group projects?
Well, I was with many Germans...But then again, I don't know if people still like me. What I could learn from Portuguese is how to make group meetings fun.  They are a little bit more tranquilos and relaxed. I now understand the importance of creating good vibes in group dynamics and not only  focus on getting the job done as quickly as possible. 

Give me a fun fact you experienced in Lisbon
A couple of weeks ago Antonia and I went to a Portuguese cooking workshop in LX Factory. Right before we started, Youtha Cuypers (Strategy in Global Markets professor) suddenly walks in. She was by herself and she attended the same cooking workshop. Awkwaaaaard. We started cooking and drinking (a lot) and by the end of the night after a few glasses of wine we were cracking jokes with her. We never spoke about that night though.

Experience so far, on a scale from 1 to 10?
9. I guess that what would bring it up to 10 is to have more events among CEMSies, such as big, loud Portuguese dinners with a lot of wine.

Well, since you and Antonia took a Portuguese cooking class I guess that you could satisfy this need for social gathering giving us a taste of your cooking skills at the same time. Maybe a start could be inviting the entire CCL for a trial?
Sure...if everyone provides me with 5 euro! 

Ah I knew it...You never get anything for free from Dutchies.

Marketing Team


Meet Federico

Federico Zanuttini, CEMS CLUB President Fall 2016

Federico Zanuttini, CEMS CLUB President Fall 2016

Mr President Federico Zanuttini gladly accepted to sit with me today at a table of Fabrica Imperial, taking a break from his Family Business massive group assignment. However, he seems to be scared from the questions I'm about to ask. I told him I am not gonna reveal anything. He is behaving a bit weirdly. He is restless on his chair, asks for some more coffee and when his phone goes on he nervously whispers ' Non ora mamma, ti chiamo dopo. Ciao bene...Ciao mamma ciao ciao ciao ciao'. He puts his phone away and looks at me.

Federico, introduce yourself for those morons that still don't know you
I am Federico and I am 22 years old. I was born and raised in the northern Italian city of Udine. 

Why did you decide to take your MSc CEMS MIM at NOVA SBE?
Well, I decided to apply to Nova for its reputation in the first place. In addition to this, for the international environment I would have found here - even though sometimes I feel like I am doing my studies in Germany. I was also attracted by Lisbon as I'm found of everything related to technology and startups

Okay, now tell us the true reasons you are here that you would never tell to Joao Amaro de Matos. 
I came to Lisbon to surf!

Where is most likely to find you at Nova and in Lisbon?
At Nova I like to sit in Bloomberg. It has become my comfort zone. Having the coffee machine vendor very close allows me to keep up with my Italian habits. Otherwise, Valenciana after Family Business on Wednesdays and Gin Lovers in Principe Real when I want to be fancy. 

As President of the CEMS Club, what are the goals of this semester (besides the many goals you score on Sunday's football games)?
Not to mention my soccer skills, my main goal for the semester is not to disappoint cemsies' expectations in light of the legacy of former presidents Luisa and Cristine, making sure everyone will experience a great semester in Lisbon.

Such a huge commitment. Let's start with some cold-call questions. 
Ahia...Vale dai...

Sagres or Superbock?

Bairro alto or Cais?

Urban Beach or Lux?
I have never been to Lux...

Carcavelos or Caparica?

Park Bar or Topo?
Park Bar

Taxi or Uber?

Pizza or Pasta?

All right. I guess we all know your deepest secrets right now. What particular moment from last year do you recall and would like to share with us?
Well, narrowing the selection to those ones that I actually can recall...It would be hard to say. I was very happy when I got Vienna for my CEMS exchange semester. In terms of events, I really enjoyed all of them so it's hard to day. Probably the Carnival Party, the Social Challenge and the Charity Run.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5,10,15 years?
In 5 years still working my ass off as an intern (if I am lucky) somewhere very cold, grey and rainy. In  10 years I might be back in Italy, and in 20 ...wait, let me do the maths...I'll be 42...I'll be back in Lisbon surfing!

And what are your plans for the future?
I have no particular plan yet. I'm still understanding the true meaning and purpose of life. I just wanna find the job that will make me happy, as cheesy as it might sound.

And what would you say you have learnt so far from CEMS?
How to share Google Drive folders and documents to my group memebers and how you should not book an early morning flight after a CEMS party...

Great! Thank you so much for your precious time Federico. I will now leave you to your presidential duties.

Stay tuned and find out who is gonna be the next Nova SBE Cemsie to share his story!

Valentina, Marketing Team