Meet Federico

Federico Zanuttini, CEMS CLUB President Fall 2016

Federico Zanuttini, CEMS CLUB President Fall 2016

Mr President Federico Zanuttini gladly accepted to sit with me today at a table of Fabrica Imperial, taking a break from his Family Business massive group assignment. However, he seems to be scared from the questions I'm about to ask. I told him I am not gonna reveal anything. He is behaving a bit weirdly. He is restless on his chair, asks for some more coffee and when his phone goes on he nervously whispers ' Non ora mamma, ti chiamo dopo. Ciao bene...Ciao mamma ciao ciao ciao ciao'. He puts his phone away and looks at me.

Federico, introduce yourself for those morons that still don't know you
I am Federico and I am 22 years old. I was born and raised in the northern Italian city of Udine. 

Why did you decide to take your MSc CEMS MIM at NOVA SBE?
Well, I decided to apply to Nova for its reputation in the first place. In addition to this, for the international environment I would have found here - even though sometimes I feel like I am doing my studies in Germany. I was also attracted by Lisbon as I'm found of everything related to technology and startups

Okay, now tell us the true reasons you are here that you would never tell to Joao Amaro de Matos. 
I came to Lisbon to surf!

Where is most likely to find you at Nova and in Lisbon?
At Nova I like to sit in Bloomberg. It has become my comfort zone. Having the coffee machine vendor very close allows me to keep up with my Italian habits. Otherwise, Valenciana after Family Business on Wednesdays and Gin Lovers in Principe Real when I want to be fancy. 

As President of the CEMS Club, what are the goals of this semester (besides the many goals you score on Sunday's football games)?
Not to mention my soccer skills, my main goal for the semester is not to disappoint cemsies' expectations in light of the legacy of former presidents Luisa and Cristine, making sure everyone will experience a great semester in Lisbon.

Such a huge commitment. Let's start with some cold-call questions. 
Ahia...Vale dai...

Sagres or Superbock?

Bairro alto or Cais?

Urban Beach or Lux?
I have never been to Lux...

Carcavelos or Caparica?

Park Bar or Topo?
Park Bar

Taxi or Uber?

Pizza or Pasta?

All right. I guess we all know your deepest secrets right now. What particular moment from last year do you recall and would like to share with us?
Well, narrowing the selection to those ones that I actually can recall...It would be hard to say. I was very happy when I got Vienna for my CEMS exchange semester. In terms of events, I really enjoyed all of them so it's hard to day. Probably the Carnival Party, the Social Challenge and the Charity Run.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5,10,15 years?
In 5 years still working my ass off as an intern (if I am lucky) somewhere very cold, grey and rainy. In  10 years I might be back in Italy, and in 20 ...wait, let me do the maths...I'll be 42...I'll be back in Lisbon surfing!

And what are your plans for the future?
I have no particular plan yet. I'm still understanding the true meaning and purpose of life. I just wanna find the job that will make me happy, as cheesy as it might sound.

And what would you say you have learnt so far from CEMS?
How to share Google Drive folders and documents to my group memebers and how you should not book an early morning flight after a CEMS party...

Great! Thank you so much for your precious time Federico. I will now leave you to your presidential duties.

Stay tuned and find out who is gonna be the next Nova SBE Cemsie to share his story!

Valentina, Marketing Team