Meet Kimberly

You might have seen her wandering through Nova's corridors, or, even better, throwing to your face her honest and frank feedback about your shitty part if you have worked together in a same group. The only filters she uses are not when expressing her opinions but when posting pictures on Instagram about the many spots she discovers in Lisbon. This week we go Dutch with Kimberly - Kim, exchange student from Rotterdam School of Management. 

So Kim what is your favourite activity among surfing in Costa da Caparica, free riding in group projects or drinking at Urban Beach?
Well let's be honest, I am not a huge fan of Urban Beach. I am proud to say I have not been there since more than a month now. When it comes to free riding...I'd just rather ride on my surf board!

What would be 'A day in the life of Kimberly'?
I wake up early and I head to the ocean with Anvar. We catch some waves and then we have lunch and beers at the beach. Then I would come back home, get rid of the sand and go to class....maaaaaaybe, or to some team meeting. Then I would come back home, cook with my flatmates and go out after some glasses of vinho tinto and finish the night dancing. 

What do you miss the most from the Netherlands - the sun, the food or the people?
What is the sun? I miss my bike a lot. I know it might sound silly and cliché, but I really miss my bike and the flexibility that comes with it. I hate to rely on trams, the metro, buses or Ubers. But I guess that using it here would be a bit of a struggle.

What about food?
Dutch food? Nonononono...I love Lisbon because the food is so great and cheap at the same time. I can afford going out 2-3 times per week for dinner while in the Netherlands I mostly cook at home.

What is your favourite dish? 
Grilled fish...or pastel de nata...and the sangria as well actually...I really could not decide.

What was your best moment so far?
The surf camp, it was a cool bunch of fun people spending some days together and I improved my surfing skills. By the way I am still waiting for the pictures - Francisco or Federico, in case you'll read this, where can I find them?

How many Joaos did you hook up with?
So far zero...but I know at least 20 of them so I guess I'd know where to go in case I'll need one eventually.

Something you would take home to Rotterdam since you don't seem interested in the Joaos?
Cheap alcohol and cheap coffee. It's so cool to live price awareness-free and have access to this students' paradise of cheap alcohol and cheap coffee, fulfilling my life necessities and primary insticts.

Kim would you say that extremely smart and capable people- just like you- as well do find difficulties and obstacles studying at Nova SBE? What are the main differences with RSM?
Well, at RSM we just focus on the final exam. So having to come to university everyday is something I am not used to. It takes a lot of time away. After all I am here for my exchange (my grades don't count indeed) and sometimes it's hard to find the right balance between being a responsible team member and an exchange student.

How did you deal with your Dutch directness during group projects?
Well, I was with many Germans...But then again, I don't know if people still like me. What I could learn from Portuguese is how to make group meetings fun.  They are a little bit more tranquilos and relaxed. I now understand the importance of creating good vibes in group dynamics and not only  focus on getting the job done as quickly as possible. 

Give me a fun fact you experienced in Lisbon
A couple of weeks ago Antonia and I went to a Portuguese cooking workshop in LX Factory. Right before we started, Youtha Cuypers (Strategy in Global Markets professor) suddenly walks in. She was by herself and she attended the same cooking workshop. Awkwaaaaard. We started cooking and drinking (a lot) and by the end of the night after a few glasses of wine we were cracking jokes with her. We never spoke about that night though.

Experience so far, on a scale from 1 to 10?
9. I guess that what would bring it up to 10 is to have more events among CEMSies, such as big, loud Portuguese dinners with a lot of wine.

Well, since you and Antonia took a Portuguese cooking class I guess that you could satisfy this need for social gathering giving us a taste of your cooking skills at the same time. Maybe a start could be inviting the entire CCL for a trial?
Sure...if everyone provides me with 5 euro! 

Ah I knew it...You never get anything for free from Dutchies.

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