Meet Nils and Jaume

In light of the many nominations Jaume received regarding the CEMS Oscars' GALA I believed it was the right time to interview him. And along with Jaume comes Nils. The two of them would not be what they are today without each other. Let's find out together some curious insights about this amazing team. 
(Many statements that were made and stories that were told were assessed not to be adequate for the content and purpose of this website. Please feel free to approach Nils and Jaume if you want to find out more about what was omitted during the interview. Otherwise, if you are a net-worthy individual, contact me and I'll pass you any information you'll need after some fair negotiation rounds).


When I met for this interview with Jaume and Nils they were very excited discussing about the potential of winning several awards at the CEMS Oscar Gala. 

Jaume: 'Come on Nils you start replying to the questions, you have to do some practice as you are gonna be on Forbes' magazine cover very soon'
Nils: 'What?Nononono I am against this! I actually voted against myself: I voted 'everyone but Nils' '
J: ' But you can't vote that Nils!' 

A Spanish and an Italian from Stockholm move to Lisbon and start a flat-sharing experience...It could be a perfect start for a joke. Would you describe this experience as a joke?
J: : 'Well actually we would miss a Chinese to make it a perfect joke...'
N: ' But the end of our joke is that...we'll eventually go back to Stockholm'
Will you be flatmates in Stockholm as well?
J: ' Nils does not want to. I asked him but he does not want to live with me next semester! It's a shame I am gonna miss this guy. Before we did not know each other so it was a great surprise.'

I am thinking about very famous duos of history, movies, literature...Mentioning a few of them...
N' like Hitler and Mussolini?'
Yeah kind of...or Lenin and Stalin
J' Nonononono they killed each other this is not  good duo! And actually Trotsky was too much involved. We don't have a third party interfering with us. Do you know that Trotsky was killed by a Catalan?Ah, Catalans matter! But I would say Barack Obama and Joe Biden. I would be Joe Biden, because you know, I always had this complex about being black...'
N: 'Actually I think that I could be a better Joe Biden. I am taller than you, I have a lighter skin than you, and I take a lot of care of my hair, you know? Joe Biden could have been a model and I also could have been one! Jaume you could just go to the sun and would be a perfect Obama.'

How would you describe 'A day in the life of Jaume and Nils'?
J: 'I wake up, I go surfing or I go for a run. I take a shower and I go laying in my bed and have a nap. Only then Nils wakes up and we go to class, or we have lunch together. At night we have dinner together and we end up having deep intense conversations'
N: 'But we don't have the same concept of lunch and dinner. My lunch is his breakfast. And my dinner is his breakfast of the day afterwards. But the main important thing that we want to suggest is that we have very deep conversations even though people might not believe it because at school we look like two very funny people. We are instead interested in the world's most alarming issues'

Where do you see each other in 20 years - as a duo?
J: ' Well I just wanna be a free rider my whole life. I'll clean the dishes, do grocery shopping, provide for the booz. After every great man there is a great woman, you know the saying right? I'll be Nils woman. Even though he takes 45 minutes to get ready before going out. And he also wakes up extremely late during the day. You once actually woke up at 5 pm'

What do you like about Lisbon in comparison to Stockholm?
N: ' Well Lisbon is warmer. And you can chill outside at any point of the seasons which is great'
J: ' And also the can go out ofter during the week. And the girls are great! I was disappointed by Swedish girls: after they turn 25, they all blow up!'
N: 'Yeah Valentina so you actually stand a chance, maybe you could still reach 1.90m! You should just move to Sweden!'

What would you steal from each other? Nils what do you lack when comparing yourself to Jaume? and vice versa?  
N: 'Jaume's tan'
J: '...You mean besides his money?'
N: 'Well but I have no money yet'
Well let's say then the NPV of his money
J: 'Yeah absolutely this for sure. But to be honest, Nils' curiosity: when he has not enough insights about something he just spends X hours doing research. So then he has data-backed arguments so he always brings a lot of input into discussions. Then, his ability to focus. Which I clearly don't have (looking on his phone)'
Ok Nils try to be nice and give me some more about Jaume
N' Well, Jaume is very positive. He can always come up with positive things even if you are a bit down and he really helps you out'

Would you recommend Stockholm Y1s to come to Lisbon for their CEMS Exchange?
N: 'Absolutely yes. If you wanna have a cool experience. However, the only thing that is comparable to Stockholm here in Lisbon, and this please should stay off the records, is that there are too many Germans!' 
J: 'It's the perfect place. Especially if you have the opportunity to explore Lisbon's surroundings. If I could find a good job I would not mind staying here. In Stockholm I did not mind about CEMS events, but now I feel very integrated and active in the CEMS Community' 
So you guys would not define yourselves as 'CEMSational'?
J: 'Well no, but however we have a lot of CEMS-esteem...would you say we are CEMSational? But jokes aside, it's a very great opportunity to meet people from all around the world. And it's dope! What is different from Stockholm is that there they don't talk enough about me. I would institutionalise a Jaume day, you know?
N: ' The Block Seminar alone would be a good enough reason to spend the term abroad at Nova SBE. Block Seminars was great we had the opportunity to bond a lot. We came here to have fun but actually I am glad to say that besides the fun, we really made some great friends' 

In light of the upcoming CEMS Oscar Gala, it seems clear you will win many awards. Who do you dedicate your success to?
' I dedicate my success to Carolina and Vera. I know its a love-hate relationship. Not for me, I love them, but I am not sure if they love me as well this much. But then I dedicate it to myself. I did achieve this all by my self after all.'
N: 'Maybe you should also thank your mother and your father for this achievement?'
J: 'Nananananan I was here in Lisbon working hard to achieve this, not her!'

J: 'Who do you think is the most handsome and CEMS-ational among the two of us?'
N: ' Yeah tell us, who would you choose between Jaume and I?'


I interviewed Jaume and Nils one week ago. I am still thinking about the answer.