Interview with Matteo Grosso: Member Solutions Associate at The Gerson Lehrman Group, Dublin

The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.-2.png

Matteo was born in Alghero (Sardina, Italy) but has made all the way to Dublin. He used to be Student Board Representative for CEMS at Nova SBE, has been engaged in different other student associations and always wanted to make the world a bit more interconnected.

The Cems Club asked him…

If you would have to describe CEMS in one sentence, what would it be?

CEMS is Deinos. Deinos is a Greek word with a double translation. The first one, is dangerous. The second one, is amazing. Deinos remembers us that at first, a different culture makes us feel uncomfortable but, if we do not stop at the prejudice/stereotype, we will discover an entire new World that we can appreciate and learn from. Being a CEMS Student means valuing the fact that our diversities are not something which divides us, but what makes us special, unique, and stronger when we work together.

What was your best experience at NOVA?
Being the Student Board Representative for my brilliant and esteemed colleagues

What would you recommend every CEMSie?
1. Connect. Rember that together we go further. 2. Ask questions. Be curious and open-minded. Be not only ready to respect and appreciate another culture, but also to embrace it and make it yours. 3. Besides thinking "I want to be the best IN the world", start wondering "Am I the best FOR the world?"

What is your greatest achievement?
I guess having surrounded myself with friends who are a source of inspiration every day. I feel truly blessed to have friends who are smart, fun, humble, and committed to make the world a better place.