Interview with Kristin Wölfer: Customer Success Manager at

The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.-4.png

Our first girl, our first German.
Born and raised in Düsseldorf, Kristin left the city to receive new stimuli from the world and then came back kickstarting her career as Customer Success Manager into the Success Graduate Program at Salesforce.

The Cems Club asked her…

How is it at, do you like it?
Do you like your job?

Salesforce is the most modern company I have ever worked for. I think, most outstanding is, that the company does not only care about profit but encourages its employees to step up and take over responsibility for society. As employees we receive 54 hours of extra time-off if we dedicate this time to a social project. Apart from their social engagement, Salesforce gives everyone a high flexibility on how and where they want to work and offers various other benefits to employees. As my Job Title says, my job is to make our customers successful with our products. Depending on the customers' situation this includes various things, from helping them overcome technical barriers or supporting their internal change management efforts to just clarifying their adoption concept. Hence, the most important thing for me is a steady communication and relationship with the client to ensure that he or she sees me as a trusted advisor and adresses his or her challenges to me. I cannot solve all the problems myself, but I act as an intermediate and single point of contact between the customer and Salesforce's internal resources.

If you would have to describe CEMS in one sentence, what would it be? 

CEMS is an incredible network of highly skilled and open-minded young professionals who are eager to have an impact on today's business world and society.

What was your best experience at NOVA? 

Meeting all these diverse people with various backgrounds and nationalities. I learnt so much by working and hanging out with these people as they all had different experiences and aspirations to share. Being a Nova Student immediately felt like being part of a community that went together through stressful academic times but also jointly met after them to party that it was all over.

Where did you go in exchange? How was it? 

I did my exchange semester in Denmark at Copenhagen Business School. My experience there was positive yet completely different from my Nova semesters. Copenhagen is a beautiful city and the university is super modern and has a lot to offer. As I went in my first CEMS Semester, it was the first time I really felt like being part of the program as the courses there were mostly CEMS only. As the weather wasn't as nice as Lisbon weather (what a surprise), I got to know the Danish "hygge" way, meeting up with friends and my fellow CEMS people in cozy coffee shops or just at someone's place. I must say, unfortunately I didn't have many local friends as I found it quite hard to become close with them quickly ( and I am German- that's what they say about us right?). However, they say once you have a Danish friend, he/she will be there forever.

What would you recommend every CEMSie? 

I was a student myself not too long ago, so I don't want to play the wise woman here - but from what I learnt: Get to know yourself and enjoy the ride by being open and trying as many things as you can. I experienced CEMS students as highly driven and ambitious but also know that this includes a little tendancy to compare oneself against others. Try not to do that. For me - the most important thing when looking for a job was, where I would fit the best, in terms of working culture and potential to learn and grow. So far I have not regretted that approach as I love my colleagues and way of working. Knowing that about yourself is essential and you cannot compare or rank that in any way. Another advice - stay connected and have fun with the people that you meet along the way. While being in Uni I didn't quite grasp how huge the CEMS Network actually is. I met so many former CEMS Students so far who then know people I know. It is a small world - with many opportunities.