Exchange Semester (Fall/Spring): Spring

Academic Year: 2016/2017


Chosen Electives (name)

Innovation Management


Main differences compared to Nova SBE teaching methods

No exams. More Case studies. More interaction.


Is the local CEMS Club active?

It wasn’t at my time, but I have heard it become a bit better



Available options for accommodation and suggestions

The Marq housing


Approximate cost of accommodation

350-450 Euros


Total cost of living (per month)

Strongly depends on what you want to do. 800-1200 Euros.


Transportation cost

Bus pass around 100 Canadian Dollards for the semester if I remember it correctly

Uber isn’t too expensive and London isn’t too big.


Meal cost

Around 7-10 Canadian Dollars for some good fast food like burgers, burritos etc. Restaurants more expensive



It was fun, but it depends on what you like.

 The University experience depends on the classes you take. The mandatory Cems class was horrible, and the BP were not very good either. The Innovation Management class was really interesting. I have heard about other really boring classes like Customer Insights.. so inform yourself before you choose your courses. The level of the students was also not of highest quality. While there were some smart students, some students and comments made in class were shocking.

In general: London is a small city, which is ok for one semester if you take some trips, but I couldn’t imagine living there for long. The University facilities are great, there is a really nice gym with basketball, futsal, swimming etc. Nightlife is fun (at least for one semester, because you end up going to the same 2-4 places every weekend, so it gets boring at the end), but besides that, there is not that much to do in London to be honest.  I can only recommend going to IVEY if you want to make some trips on weekends or during reading week (one week off during the semester), to Toronto, Montreal, New York, Chicago, Niagara Falls, or even down to Nashville, New Orleans etc, which is quite cheap, because car rentals are not that expensive and gas (if your drive to the US) is almost for free (compared to European prices).