Exchange Semester (Fall/Spring): Fall

Academic Year: 2016/2017


Chosen Electives (name):

Country Risk Analysis (Moderate workload, high participation in class required, good grades); Leadership Excellence: Insights from Indian Ethos (Enjoyable course, low workload, good grades, very easy); Institutions, Markets and Firms: Growth and Structural Change in China and India (lot of workload, mentally stimulating and challenging, great course, moderate grades); Tech at Work (moderate workload, well structured, good grades); Strategic Decision Making in International Business: National Culture Perspectives (Hofstede, High workload, challenging projects, good grades).


Main differences compared to Nova SBE teaching methods

Very similar teaching style with lot of projects. High workload, take no more than 5 courses, some courses have no exams.


Is the local CEMS Club active?

Not really, very few activities and not engaging. The issue was brought up and I believe things will improve next year.



On campus obligatory accommodation. Cemsies are accommodated in the best hostel. No air conditioning, basic bathrooms and rooms. No frills. Quite challenging adaptation.


Approximate cost of accommodation

Approximately 350 euros for the entire term (3 months and a half). Prices are on the rise.


Total cost of living (per month)

Food : Approx. 400 euros per term at the hostel canteen

Books and Study Material : Approx. 225 euros per term (mandatory to pay)

Total cost of living depends on how much you travel.


Transportation cost

In the city

Yellow cabs (300 to 500 rupees to reach city center à depends on how you bargain)

Uber (250 to 700 rupees to reach city center à depends on surge pricing)

Ola (similar prices to Uber, slight cheaper, slightly worse in terms of quality compared to Uber)


Out of the city

Trains (very old trains, prices vary a lot based on class, date of booking and distance à still incredibly cheap to travel by train) book trains with ClearTrip https://www.cleartrip.com/

Flights (European prices – same quality)


Meal cost

Dinner out in good quality restaurants costs 15 euros (3 courses).

Average restaurant (indian standards) 10 euros.

Street food (less than one euro)



Very challenging experience. Many chances to go beyond your comfort zone. Very different culture and people.

Indian people are very nice on campus and always ready to help you. Only 17 cemsies (strong group culture).

Professors are as good as in Europe. Courses and university quality comparable to Nova.

The campus is a bit far away from the city center. Opportunity to travel a lot and spending a little (India is not a dangerous place in terms of crime).

Love it or leave it kind of experience.

Be ready to bargain.