Exchange Semester (Fall/Spring): Spring

Academic Year: 2016/2017


Chosen Electives (name)

Regenerative Economy: The concepts are extremely interesting as I had no previous knowledge and awareness concerning topics such as circular economy, sharing economies etc. Speakers are very knowledgeable; it’s not really about grades I guess, the main object of the course it’s about creating awareness and have young students embracing their concepts and values. This is dope indeed the grading of the weekly assignments and the group projects has been very good! There will an oral exam – we will have to write a paper and present to the class, the professor and some speakers its content. The good thing is exchange students can choose when to take the exam/present it so to leave Belgium before the 31st of May.


Main differences compared to Nova SBE teaching methods

Classes are extremely long – 4/5 hours. Workload is not as intense as in Nova. Professors grade papers, it takes quite a while but the good thing is that you avoid Nova’s ‘randomness’ and they seem to be very open if you want to discuss your grade or ask for extra feedback. There are no graders that have never seen you before and never come to class that grade your papers and assignment so the interaction is on an other level.


Is the local CEMS Club active?

TBH in comparison to Nova, CEMS Club Lisbon seems an international organization. However, the President of CCB (interestingly, they call it ‘Belgium’ because I guess they are kinda ashamed of having it called ‘CEMS Club Louvain La Neuve’) is open to feedback and they adopted some suggestions and feedback they got from exchange people. The home school students are all Belgium and live at their parents’, not in LLN. Events are SHIT as they are all taking place in LLN which is the shittiest place I have ever been in my life. Nothing in comparison to Lisbon. They have their own friends and things to get done with so they rarely show up. Let’s say, they play a bit hard to get when you want to meet up beyond cems events. But they are extremely nice. Next year’s president will be very good so maybe many things will change especially Belgians’ attitudes.



Available options for accommodation and suggestions

I am living in Brussels and it is the best choice I could have ever made. LLN is real shit.


Approximate cost of accommodation

I share the flat with a friend of mine and we pay 1800 euro


Total cost of living (per month)

400 euro


Transportation cost

22 euro for the Brussels – LLN route. Otherwise I always walk and I uber home at night


Meal cost

15-20 euro. Food is really good! 



This is definitely a very calm semester in comparison to my 1.5 years in Lisbon. Since all the exchange people live in LLN I don’t really meet up with them and the Belgians play hard to get as they have their own life and as said before, they don’t seem interested in meeting up beyond CEMS events. This is why I go a bit my own way. I work a lot on my BP and spend a lot of time with my flatmate, another cemsie from Bocconi, in Brussels. Definitely not the greates exchange experience but this is what I needed after last semester being so intense also in terms of social life.