Exchange Semester (Fall/Spring): Spring

Academic Year: 2016/2017


Chosen Electives (name)

McKinsey - Strategy Development in Practice

L’Oréal – Developing a Winning Sales & Marketing Strategy

Global Management Practice (mandatory)

Business Project (mandatory)


Main differences compared to Nova SBE teaching methods

Since I have only company courses, it is much more of a hands-on approach. Great companies where you can learn a lot. However, it can get quite stressful and the quality of your outcomes depends highly on your team and your advisory consultants. Great opportunity for networking and getting insights about recruitment processes. You have to apply separately with your CV and cover letter in order to get into the course.


Is the local CEMS Club active?

Super wired structure of the CEMS Club here. President is a bachelor student not even doing CEMS. Also, the participants are not CEMSies but random bachelor students or perspective CEMS students. They are active on a much bigger scale and organize events for all students, not only for CEMSies (comparable with NOVA SU). You can’t participate in the CEMS club as an incoming student. I started to challenge the current structure with no success, since the main reason of the structure is that the cohort is really small (we are around 22 CEMSies) and not many people want to participate in the club. However, we opened a sub-CEMS club in our cohort without the official titles to make the most out of our exchange.



Available options for accommodation and suggestions

You have many options in Warsaw. You can live next to uni (Metro Pole Mokatowskie) it’s close to the center (2 stops by Metro) and you have good transportation. I live right now in the center (Metro Politechnika - in the Piekna street) and you are close to everything there. You have many nice restaurants, bars and clubs in the neighborhood and the most time you go out with other people is somewhere close by. The Uni is only 1 stop by Metro away. You also have the opportunity to live in the student dorm, but you share one room (not flat) with 2 other people. I wouldn’t recommend to live there but for sure you should visit someone for one of the many parties going on there.


Approximate cost of accommodation

Student dorm – 500€ for whole semester

Apartment in Center – 310€ – 400€ per month

Next to uni – 270€ – 350€


Total cost of living (per month)

The most expensive part is the apartment (I pay 310€ for a room in a shared apartment with 2 other people) other than that, Warsaw is really cheap and you don’t pay a lot. I think I spend around 600€ including the accommodation cost.


Transportation cost

As soon as you get your student ID, you can buy your public transport card at a discount of 50% and pay for a 30-days ticket: 55 zloty (around 13€) or 90-days ticket: 98 zloty (around 24€). Uber is also very chap, most of the time I pay 10 zloty (which is the minimum fair - around 3€) to get back home from a club or a bar at night. Flights are also affordable… Ryanair is out of Warsaw and you will have to go there by 1:30h bus drive and buy an extra ticket for the bus but it is still worth it and in the end cheaper than flying from Warsaw airport.


Meal cost

At campus: Coffee 9zloty – 13 zloty (2-3€ - depends on the kind of coffee), can of Pepsi 3 zloty (0.70€) lunch menu around 15 zloty (3,50€ with soup, salad, main dish and drink)  

Restaurants: meal + drink 20-40 zloty (4-10€), and alcohol is very cheap



Great people from CEMS and Erasmus. Company courses are really cool and you learn a lot. Business projects are also great and you only have known companies (BCG, P&G, Microsoft, Uber, Citi, MasterCard, Unibail Rodamco and Hilti this semester).

A lot to do and many possibilities to go out. You can find many restaurants since Poles are real foodies (would’ve never thought that). Cost of living is very affordable and there is a lot to do, to see and to experience. I’m super satisfied with my exchange and would definitely recommend Warsaw!