Exchange Semester (Fall/Spring): Fall

Academic Year: 2016/2017


Chosen Electives (name)

Advanced Marketing, Organizational Alignment, Spanish, Business Model and Innovation, Global Strategy


Main differences compared to Nova SBE teaching methods

Basically the same; a lot of groupworks and small assignments. In general it seems like its more quantity over quality, so the projects are not essentially hard to do, but take a lot of time


Is the local CEMS Club active?

Yes, very active. Sometimes there were even too many events organized, that you couldn´t all attend. Still one should keep in mind that the CEMS Club Santiago is still very young and especially when it comes to Corporate Partners department, still needs improvement. But given the fact that it is only 35 people there in total, a lot of travel is organized as well (and travelling in Chile is the best!)



Available options for accommodation and suggestions

Not many people look for accommodation in the city center as it takes too long to get to university. Main accommodation was looked for close to the bus stations, where the school bus leaves to (Grecia, Tobalaba, Los Domenicos) were pretty popular. Providencia is safe, has a great location and is a nice place to live with affordable flats


Approximate cost of accommodation

300-400 Euro


Total cost of living (per month)

Comparable to Europe- Groceries/Cosmetics even more expensive than e.g in Germany


Transportation cost

Pretty cheap, about 70cent a ride


Meal cost

Restaurants: 10 Euros and up- comparable to European prices



I totally loved Chile! The country, the people everything was just amazing! It’s a complete different experience than staying in Europe, still it is very safe and the country landscape is just a miracle- from dessert to jungle, ocean and the mountains down in Patagonia, everything is there! Students were amazingly friendly and so were most professors. The uni makes a big effort to meet everyones needs. Still for academic reasons solely I would not recommend the university, but if you want to have an unforgettable exchange term, definitely GO!